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About Bodega Roots Therapy

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Bodega Roots Therapy was established in 2019 with a goal to destigmatize mental health in NYC communities of color. We strive to provide culturally sensitive, trauma informed approaches to help first generation therapy seekers work through intergenerational trauma to #breakthecycle. Silence is not strength despite what your family has taught you to believe. True strength is in healing.


Bodega Roots Therapy’s name originated from the idea that our bodegas are the hearts of our community- and this is what we cultivate through our practice-building relationships with and for our community. Representation is important- and all of therapists identify as POC.


Trauma & PTSD • Adult/Childhood Sexual Abuse • Domestic Violence • Anxiety • Depression • General Mental Health • Relationships • Parenting • Couples Therapy

Who We Are

Carmen Fajardo, LCSW

She / her / hers

Carmen Fajardo is a New York State-licensed clinical social worker who specializes in developmental trauma in relation to interpersonal and gender-based violence. She is the founder of a Bodega Roots Therapy, PLLC, which developed to help bridge the gap in BIPOC communities to destigmatize mental health. She utilizes an anti-oppressive and client-centered lens to provide culturally sensitive approaches to create and maintain a calming and safe environment. Carmen is also currently the Enough Is Enough coordinator at the Domestic and Other Violence Emergencies(DOVE) Program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, where she provides New York City colleges and universities with comprehensive, prevention-focused training and education for students, faculty, and staff on topics including bystander intervention, trauma-informed care, and domestic and sexual violence awareness. She also provides crisis intervention and trauma-focused psychotherapy to survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence and serves on the Washington Heights and Inwood Coalition Against Interpersonal and Domestic Violence. Carmen received her bachelors in Social Work from Long Island University and her MSW from the Columbia School of Social Work. She is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University & Manhattan College. Carmen is also a mother & identifies as Honduran-American and utilizes she/her/hers pro-nouns. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her partner,daughter, and Luna, their Shiba Inu. She also enjoys reading, hiking, and the beach and has a guilty pleasure of binge-watching reality TV.

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Renita Pagan, LMSW

She / her / hers

Renita Pagan is a woman of Puerto Rican and African American descent. She is a Licensed Social Worker who holds a Master's degree from Hunter College's Silberman School of Social Work. Renita is dedicated to serving marginalized communities and de-stigmatizing mental illness in Black and Brown, and Latinx communities. She has a history of helping others battling trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, childhood trauma, daily stressors, interpersonal relationships, and many more challenges.  Renita is committed to providing a safe space for individuals to be able to process disappointments, past traumas, obstacles, and life changes. She strives to support individuals throughout their healing journey by challenging negative thoughts, strengthening coping skills, and unlearning behaviors while building healthy relationships with themselves and others. Renita's focus is on changing the life outcomes of these individuals by exploring cognitive behavior treatment, motivational interviewing, mindfulness techniques, and solution-focused and trauma-informed therapy.

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Allison Baidoo, LMHC

She / her / hers

Allison Baidoo is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who recieved her Master's Degree from Hunter College, a Master of Science in Child Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Penn State University.  Her approach is to meet you where you are, in a genuine and empathetic way.  She provides a neutral, non-judgmental, yet challenging environment to explore and find positive coping strategies. I believe positive coping strategies empower us to live better lives and handle change effectively! I have worked with adults, adolescents and children, with individuals and with groups. I’ve supported people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and from diverse communities.  I am particularly interested in working with women of color, young adults, and children. Among the concerns I have helped clients address are anxiety, depression, substance use, stress, improving relationships, grief, and adjusting to everyday life. 

Jeimi Burgos, LCSW

She / her / hers

Jeimi Burgos is a Latina bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who received her Masters degree from Columbia University School of Social Work. She has dedicated her career to supporting individuals who are looking to build healthier relationships with themselves and others. She focuses on supporting individuals through the process of unlearning behaviors, beliefs, and coping skills that might no longer serve them in order to heal from trauma. Specific areas of experience include history of sexual assault, childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, daily stressors, life transitions and many more challenges. Jeimi is committed to holding a safe non judgemental space where clients can process their feelings and stories as they navigate the healing journey. She supports her clients through the healing journey by using an anti-oppressive and client centered lens along with a variety of therapeutic interventions such as mindfulness techniques, family systems analysis, motivational interviewing, and many more depending on the needs of the individual.

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